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National Fisherman Magazine Features Wing Trawling System

National Fisherman Magazine Features Wing Trawling System

Michael Crowley with National Fisherman Magazine published an in-depth article and interview with Randy Skinner, inventor of the Wing Trawling System.

An Excerpt…

The wooden trawl door is as basic to a Southern shrimp trawler as gumbo is to New Orleans. Wooden doors have been around since at least the 1880s when fishermen started putting engines in their boats large enough to pull an otter trawl through the bays and the nearshore waters.

More recently, varieties of metal doors with promises of fuel savings have been pulled by shrimp boats, but it’s wooden doors you mostly see hanging from a shrimp boat’s outriggers.

Now comes a radically different way to spread your nets that could result in a lot of shrimpers hauling their wood or steel doors off their boat and sticking them in the back corner of some storage locker.

It’s a wing-like affair, and when a shrimp boat has a pair of them hanging from its outriggers, it’s been described as looking like the boat is towing two Cessna airplanes behind it.

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