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Extends Lifespan of All Equipment

Running a diesel engine at the maximum torque RPM instead of the maximum horsepower RPM extends the life of the engine and everything attached to it.

When running the Wing Trawling System the turbulence coming out from under the hull around the propeller goes away. Unlike pulling trawls with doors and being maxed out on engine power, there is always a lot of power left over to use with the Wing Trawling System. No longer will a hard, head-on tide bring the vessel to a crawl. Just add a few RPMs and take off.

With the Wing Trawling System, nets are open before they go into the water and once on the bottom, all you have to do is move them. With trawl doors you have to force them open through pulling and torque.

Since less torque and force is needed the entire power train lasts much longer.

Since less torque and force is needed the entire power train, from the propeller to the front of the power take off on the engine, lasts much longer. The extreme torque factor applied to the pull of the vessel is gone.

A side note: One of the hardest things to get use to when running the Wing Trawling System is the quietness of the vessel. No longer is the engine the loudest part of the vessel. It may turn out the generator is louder than the engine.