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Easy Installation


Installation of the Wing Trawling System requires minimal changes to to a typical double rigged shrimp trawler.

The biggest difference between the Wing Trawling System and otter doors is how the system is brought aboard the vessel. The process is the same, but the location of the decking block system needs to be moved.

Changing Net Position

Changing Net Position

A typical trawler brings the trawl doors to the vessel adjacent to the fish hold hatch, just aft of the main winch. With the Wing Trawling System the decking block system has to be moved above the extreme stern of the vessel. A simple mast and stay pipes will support this blocking cable to bring the wing aboard. This retrieval system is also used to remove debris from the net while at sea.

To change a torn net the wing is brought into the vessel one end at a time and secured to the side of the hull or bulwark. The Wing Trawling System is balanced and can be rotated by hand bringing either end aboard the vessel.

Only one tow cable and bib lines are required. The Wing Trawling System is attached at one point in the center. The bib line is used to hold the top cork line of the trawl. No bridle is used as with otter trawl doors.