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Advanced Net Adjustment Options


The Wing Trawling System has the ability to control the vertical fishing height of the net. This is helpful in certain fishing times and can be very beneficial. At times the by-catch of unwanted fish can be eliminated by pulling the top of the net down to the wing upper surface.

This adjustment also helps at times when large unwanted jelly fish are just off the seabed. The wing and net can be configured to go under the jellyfish and as a result they never enter the net. This is also a plus in deep water when fishing brown shrimp that are on the bottom.

Net height has a determining factor on fuel consumption of the towing vessel.

Net height has a determining factor on fuel consumption of the towing vessel. Adjusting the height of a 65 foot net from 4 feet up to 8 feet in height can raise the towing RPMs by as much as 150. This number is still far below the normal towing RPM for use of otter trawl doors.

When fishing white shrimp, that have tendency to swim at times, the top of the net can be raised with floats and bib line to fish equal, if not higher than, that of a typical trawl with doors. By using a net that has a third head rope coming off the center of the wing, the cork line can be extended and add floats to have the net achieve 10′ to 15′ in fishing height the entire width of the wing. This is a shallow water configuration for targeting large white shrimp.

Deep water configuration of a lowered net tends to show the best overall performance of fuel savings and constant speed over ground. The lower net can be towed faster across the bottom with little to no increased RPM to the main engine.