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Captures Less Fin Fish


Fin fish are able to escape capture by simply going around the net.

Shrimp and fish react differently to trawls. Studies and film observation shows fin fish will swim along ahead of the net, not changing altitude in the water, but rather swimming left and right looking for a means of escape.

As the fish swim further left or right they encounter a trawl door kicking up mud and making a huge disturbance. The fish senses this disturbance and turns the opposite direction which projects the fish back into the net’s path and on its way to the same encounter on the opposite side of the net. After repeating this scenario many times the fish becomes weary and is captured. The National Marine Fisheries calls this the “herding effect on by-catch.”

Since the Wing Trawling System has no trawl door and does not create a wall of mud outside the net, the fish have the opportunity to escape capture by simply going around the net. This is helpful if menhaden fish are being marked in the try-net. You may see a lot of fish in the small sample net but hardly any in the large Wing Trawling System nets.

Tickler chains are used to make shrimp jump up and into the net. The same tickler chain is used for the same purpose with the Wing Trawling System. The Wing Trawling System goes quietly through the water and across the sea floor not causing any disturbance until the tickler chain hits the shrimp. Once the shrimp jumps it is too late, the net has him. If too much bottom trash is being caught the net lead line can be adjusted up to lighten the lead line. Tightening the bib line will do the same thing. This is no different than with a typical trawl.